Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Following the doctor's suggestion, we've reduced our diet to almost entirely whole grains (we still eat whole-grain pasta once or twice a week, and have the odd cookie, cake or muffin), and we're slowly beginning to introduce previously forbidden grains.

First up: oats.

We had whole oats with our whole-rice porridge a few times, and, seeing that nothing untoward happened, we tried rolled oats. No problems! We've now been having oat porridge or muesli a few times/week. The kids are happy, and I am looking forward to oatmeal cookies, again!

If this progress continues as positively as it has begun, I hope to eventually be able to walk into a store and simply buy a loaf of Squirrely Bread! Oh. But maybe it contains eggs. Well anyway... you get the idea.

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