Monday, February 1, 2010

light times

Spring is here, but you wouldn't know it from this blog... yes, the crocuses are blooming, the trees are full of buds, spring is even earlier than usual... and the wild food family is quiet. It's not as if there is no wild food available right now... I'm just not finding the time to report on it (or even gather much of it).

So no, this blog is not defunct -- just not a priority right now, since I'm concentrating on the preparation for my upcoming art show (

Food plans for this year:
  • one extra bed in the garden -- a lettuce bed, behind the beans, so that the lettuce gets lots of shade in the summer.
  • planting some new hazel trees outside the studio... and possibly eat some squirrels when they come to steal the nuts.
  • cleaning out the duck pond and dismantling the duck enclosure, and making it into a serene little water garden. The ducks were killed by a mink last November so we're giving up on raising poultry.
That last one sounds like a step in the wrong direction, but really it's just opening time and space for some of the other projects.

Happy spring!!

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